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About Actualization

Kinetic Energy of Human Potential
Self-actualization is hard enough to define. How much harder it is to answer the question: Beyond self-actualization, what? Or, if you will: Beyond authenticity, what?
Abraham Maslow

We study and assist the best of the best. From three Michelin star chefs, world champions of sport, to the wealthy entrepreneur who is still beloved by his family, our passion and purpose is to learn why and how those who swim in the deepest waters, those who live at the tip of life's spear, came to be. And how we can help others do the same. We are David. Our goliath is mediocrity. Our sling is truth. We are a group of overachievers with a singular, fanatical, focus: To help humanity achieve its highest and fullest potential, one person at a time. Testing, tinkering and implementing the best from the world's knowledge base, we empower people to actualize themselves. It is our who, what, where, when and why. We are the hub for all who seek perfection of self. Collectively and individually, we need to raise our standards. What we can become, we must become. What must you be?

We see the future. And with all the dizzying progress in technology, we are headed towards (or already in) a reality where more and more people will have free or discretionary time and money to pursue their own activities. In this brave new world, many will choose wrongly, spending their time, health, money and life indulging in debilitating drugs, passive entertainment and other forms of one-way consumption. However, there will also be a tremendous revival of interest in the philosophical. In the exploration of what it means to live your best life. In how to become the best version of ourselves and therefore achieve actualization. In this era of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, we know there is only one reality of relevance: Your own. And we are here to help you actualize it. What is your reality?

7.6B+ World Population
? Population Seeking Actualization
76M Population Achieving Actualization
7.5B+ People to Reach

The Founder

Hey, I'm Alex. I've invested vast amounts of life's most precious resources, time, attention and money, searching for the meaning of it. As a result, I'm now a father, husband, author, entrepreneur and attorney. I've even tinkered with dozens of other vocations ranging from economic development to digital marketing. But there's more to it than that. Along the way (and I'm still on the way), I finally figured it out.

A meaningful life, the meaning of life, is actualization. Striving towards and transcending the outer, infinite, limits of our "potential." Does this singular, almost fanatical, drive to grow beyond your current self sound familiar? If so, you're in the right place.

Alex Chung

What we do

Actualization Design

Gain the Self

Design your life with only one limitation: no limitation. Play the long game and learn who you really are.

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Personal Development

As long as you are green, you are growing. We keep you evergreen or, even better, get you to ferment.

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Lose the Self

You spend your life searching for you and spend the rest of it searching for something beyond it.

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Our work process

How We Get You from Here to There


Let's start with the question: Who are you? And the next question: What do you want to become?



Once these questions are answered, we begin with a custom-tailored plan for personal development. Incorporating the best practices of growth from the annals of history and the mad genius of futurists, we will create your legacy plan.



The final step is up to you. You have to put in the work. Deliberately and consistently. But we'll be right there with you. We'll have your back. We are here to provide you with constant feedback via voice, video and in-person consultation.

Branding Identity

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