Magnum Opus

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Actualization

We have one mission: To help every human being become all they can be.

How do you measure success? Is it based upon the money you make? The money you spend?

We have always known the yardsticks of traditional success have left us wanting. We know it from our oldest books and the ancient wisdom therein. We even know it from the latest, greatest, self-help guru to make it on the best sellers' list.

There is more to the human experience. There is a better way to calculate how you are doing in life. And it is not by folding your clothes and thanking them. Or by using foul language in a clever way to be edgy and unique. Just. Like. Everyone. Else.

But you are getting warmer.

We believe in a kinetic kind of success. One based upon the measurement of growth. Personal, spiritual, physical, mental, and holistic augmentation. We believe in taking who you are and who you could be and mixing them together. Into something, into someone, greater. We believe in reaching your fullest potential and ultimately transcending it.

To be more, ever more.

Not for the pursuit of trifle things like money, fame, and power, but for the sake of elevating humanity, showing mankind what is best about it, and to move the world forward by first moving ourselves. Up.

Let each become all.

We are Actualization.

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