Celebrate Others

The One Thing You Can Do To Change Your Life

If you are a competitor, you compete to test yourself, to constantly improve, and to ultimately win. And this works. It can even sustain you. Momentarily.

And while competition might be a great motivator for those seeking self-actualization, those who seek to go deeper, who seek to go farther, have to develop a different, unique, muscle.

You have to develop the ability to genuinely celebrate someone else's success. You have to build the habit of feeling true joy when people around you win. You have to share.

Do you do that now? Or do you snicker? Do you feel jealous? Do you think: That person has everyone fooled. That person does not deserve it. That should be me.

When your protege takes their fleeting moment on stage and turns it into the highlight of the event, cheer them. Beam. Let them have their day under the lights.

When they hand the ball to your star running back, and he runs for 99 yards and the game-winning touchdown, be the first one down there to tackle him in the end zone, as frenzied with happiness as he is.

When someone else gets the promotion you deserve, congrate them sincerely. Be happy for them. Maybe it was the best thing that ever happened to them.

This might sound a bit simple and naive. After all, we all want to maximize. We all want to be the best.

But those who are seeking another level, who are seeking to drop the self in self-actualization, should try to cultivate this action and reaction to outside stimulus.

When the people around you succeed, celebrate their victory. Be the cheering parent. Be the exuberant teammate. Be the tearful bridesmaid. For the right reasons.

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