Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Actualization

We have one mission: To create a world of realized potential. Do the thing and you will have the power. You can make reality. We do it everyday. We turn idea, wish, desire, and dream into actuality, into real life, all the time. Our minds are the most powerful tools we have. It contains all the seeds of our potential. Seeds we plant with our actions, which yield harvests more fruitful than we can imagine. Your potentialities launch far beyond logic and reason. They go farther than your greatest dreams. The time is right to drop the "self" in self-actualization. It is the age of reality. A world beyond our highest aspirations. A return to a heroic age. A return of the excellent human being.

Mentioning the self in self-actualization mucked up the beauty of Maslow's aspirational model. Self-actualization, to many, wrongly implied a selfishness of the individual. And in this me-me-me era of social media mass mediocrity, the term can be ill used as a crutch towards complete self-indulgence and self-interest. However, as Maslow himself explained, self-actualization is far more beneficial to society than first understood. For people who actualize show the rest of us just how far we can go. They, in their enlightened interest, lift all of us by their accomplishments, achievements, and accolades. It turns out, the very best thing you can do for the rest of us is to become the best version of yourself. You to the max. You at your finest. You with a capital Y.

We keep things simple. We dropped the self. We are Actualization.

The best of the best learn (eventually) that the greatest joys are shared joys and the greatest causes are those which live outside of our pesky ideas of "self." We pour our egos, our identities, into something infinite. Ideals. Truths. Virtues. We immerse in celestial waters. Into the eternal.

Actualization is our why, and it's dual-pronged. We aim to actualize individuals and thereby actualize all of humanity. We elevate people so they may become better citizens of a greater planet. We aim to bring the highest human values to their rightful place as the backbone of good character. We fight for a world where every soul is encouraged and nurtured towards their own unique personal potential.

We fight for You.

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